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Three Benefits of Using Landing Pages

By on June 11th, 2020 in Design

Your latest product campaign is all set. Emails have been created and scheduled to go out. Printed promotions are ready to be mailed. The machine is primed and ready to generate business. Have you given thought to where you’re directing the new leads you’ll be generating? If it’s to an existing product page on your site, that may not be the best solution.

Make a Good First Impression

Creating a dedicated landing page allows you to focus your message. The page’s sole function is to provide information related to your promotional campaign and funnel users to choose a specific product. You’re able to promote exclusive offers while weeding out extraneous information. This gives the reader a clear understanding of the benefits of your product. Often, consumers can become confused by the overwhelming number of choices available to them on a standard page on your site. By keeping your message clean and concise, you’ll be able to make a good first impression.

Test New Branding Ideas

With design and esthetics on your mind, a landing page is a great medium to test out branding and design changes between website redesigns. Since landing pages stand alone to drive traffic to a specific goal on your site, you’re free to try out changes that might not necessarily work with the rest of your current site’s branding. Testing new colors, fonts and design elements will give you a better idea of what does and does not work for your business. This information will prove to be invaluable during your next site redesign.

Track and Monitor Your Progress

Finally, by directing all of the new leads generated by your product campaign to a dedicated landing page, you’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of different offers and incentives. In fact, you’re not limited to directing leads to just one page. You can generate multiple landing pages tailored to various demographic groups such as age, gender, occupation, etc. The flexibility to reach your entire audience with a specific product or offer that benefits them the most will help turn leads into customers.