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The Benefits of Gathering Testimonials

By on September 18th, 2023 in Marketing

One of the things I’ve noticed while spreading my wings into the world of web design, is that testimonials are a great resource for a company to really sell themselves! And many financial institutions highlight this information on their websites, whether it be directly on the home page or scattered throughout different areas of interest on their site.

3 Reasons Why You Should Collect Testimonials

  1. Show that you’re credible and trustworthy.
    Seeing that others have had a great experience can give the impression that you’re someone to be counted on during financial related issues. Maybe an all-star employee helped first-time homebuyer Sally through the mortgage application process, and she’s incredibly grateful. Give others that comfort in knowing you can help them through the same!
  2. Your members/customers are your greatest asset.
    Going hand-in-hand with point one, if someone had a great experience with one of your representatives, give them an opportunity to express this to other members/customers! LET. THEM. BE. HEARD. Testimonials are essentially endorsements, and they could lead to even more opportunities for your business at large.
  3. Elevates your reputation.
    Showcasing these positive experiences can also have an overall impact on growth and can help solidify your brand within the greater community. Being able to read testimonials may help give potential new account holders that extra decisive push they need to sign up!

So, you’ve decided that testimonials are something you may benefit from, but you’re not even sure how to gather them in the first place?

4 Ways To Get Testimonials

  1. After assisting an account holder, ask them directly if they’re willing to submit a testimonial about their experience to use in your marketing. You can direct them to your Google My Business listings, Facebook, or Yelp pages. You can use a review management tool to help make this an easy process.
  2. Read the feedback on your social media! See something positive that was said? Ask for permission to publish their comments in your marketing.
  3. Maybe one of your employees is in direct email contact with a customer to assist them with something, and the customer just happens to write-up in wonderful detail how much they appreciate the help. Hey! Sounds like testimonial material to me! Ask them for approval to use this.
  4. Have a form available on your website where testimonials can be submitted. This is also a convenient option as it allows for testimonials to be submitted at any time someone thinks of something while they’re actually visiting your website.