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Postal Service Announces Increase, Adds Value to Your Statements

By on October 19th, 2011 in Statements

BAD NEWS: First-Class postage is increasing by 1 cent as of January 22, 2011. (Standard rate postage is also increasing by 1.9%.)

GOOD NEWS: The second ounce will be FREE for First Class Presort mail pieces weighing between one and two ounces. This could result in a HUGE savings for many of your monthly and quarterly statements. Currently, if any of your mail pieces are over one ounce, you are paying about 22 cents per piece for that 2nd ounce.

With this announcement from the USPS, it is clear that the postal service recognizes the value of including marketing campaigns with your statements and notices. In fact, according to Paul Vogel, USPS President and Chief Marketing/Sales Officer, “This gives companies expanded opportunities to advertise new services and products to their customers as part of bill and statement mailings.”

Well said.

And with transpromo variable data printing capabilities, you can incorporate these marketing messages and ads directly on your statements. You don’t need to include additional stuffers, buck slips, brochures or newsletters. ¬†Add personalized letters to your statements – make these statement letters the first page of your statement and transform your statements into effective direct mail campaigns. Print targeted onserts directly on the statements, cross-selling relevant products and services to your account holders by looking at their relationships, balances, demographics, and even their real-time credit data.

LKCS can get your statements to generate revenue for your financial institution. And now we can make it even easier to add targeted marketing without increasing postage.