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LKCS Launches New Website for Kellogg Employees FCU

By on June 28th, 2012 in News

Kellogg Employees Federal Credit Union is the latest LKCS client to have their website re-designed and re-branded by the full-service design and marketing agency.

LKCS is the leader in providing end-to-end marketing, graphic design, commercial printing, direct mail, web development, and statement processing services to financial institutions. Combined with over 50 years of financial marketing expertise, LKCS leverages the latest technologies and techniques to improve marketing results and return on investment for their clients.

The company launched a new web site for Kellogg Employees FCU this afternoon. Barbara Wisowaty, CEO, contacted the company after they designed sites for her at three other credit unions she led previously. Barbara was looking for a new look — everything needed to change including the credit union’s logo.

LKCS Launches New Website for Kellogg Employees FCU

Kellogg Employees Federal Credit Union was chartered under a federal charter on March 4, 1946. Since this time, the credit unions has been focused on maintaining the soundness and stability of our credit union while providing competitive services and opportunities that will enhance the ability of our members to successfully meet their financial needs.

According to Barbara, “LKCS delivered, and in less than 3 months. LKCS designed a new logo, brand identify and web site for the credit union. Everyone here loves what they’ve done. It’s so professional and that is the look for which we are going!”