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Not Just Your Average Statement Onsert

By on January 20th, 2014 in Statements

LKCS has enabled our statement processing clients to incorporate graphical ads, also called onserts, directly onto their statements and e-statements for several years.

The routine use of onserts continues to grow due to their low cost and high effectiveness. While statement inserts often get misplaced or discarded, it’s impossible to ignore an onsert printed or displayed as part of an account statement or notice.

LKCS’ onsert technology and statement marketing goes far beyond presenting a graphical ad to all statement recipients.

  • Selective Marketing – Segment your account holders based on demographics, product and service relationships, balances, credit worthiness, and any other factors. Then promote different products and services to each segment – ensuring maximum relevance for each offer.
  • Personalization – Your ads can be customized for each account holder. Include
    your members’/customers’ names to get even more attention. Pre-populate a form to boost response rates. Drop in the appropriate loan officer’s or branch manager’s name, phone number, or e-mail address.
  • Special Opportunities – Celebrate your members’/customers’ birthdays, welcome new account holders, thank people for paying off a loan, or extend cross-sell offers based on specific criteria. Automate some of your onsert marketing by identifying special opportunities within each statement.
  • Step Into the Matrix – Onsert campaigns do not have to be contained to one statement mailing. Send a series of onserts to members/customers for onboarding, re-boarding, or continued cross-sell efforts.
  • Go Big – LKCS’ onserts aren’t limited to a specific size or orientation. Change it up as you wish. Have a lot to say? Transform the first page of your statements and e-statements into a personalized cover letter.

Contact LKCS to Discuss Our Approach to Statement Onserts

LKCS can develop a layered approach to statement onsert marketing whereby your account holders will receive selective and segmented offers that are both personalized and relevant to each individual. Learn more about leveraging the power and flexibility of onserts. Contact us today!