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Not Just Your Average Onsert

By on February 26th, 2014 in Statements

LKCS has enabled our statement processing clients to incorporate graphical ads, also called onserts, directly onto their statements and e-statements for several years. The routine use of onserts continues to grow due to their low cost and high effectiveness. While statement inserts often get misplaced or discarded, it’s impossible to ignore an onsert printed or displayed as part of an account statement or notice.

LKCS’ onsert technology goes far beyond presenting a graphical ad to all statement recipients.

Video Webinar

In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, our Vice-President of Business Development Sid Haas provides insight on leveraging the power and flexibility of onserts to improve your bank’s or credit union’s statement marketing efforts.

Video Transcript (Highlights)

Transpromo Statement Marketing

What is Transpromo? Transpromo is a compound expression formed from the words “transaction” and “promotional”. By adding relevant messages, you can piggyback targeted promotions and advertising onto existing transaction-related documents, such as statements. Transpromotional documents combine and data mining and business intelligence technology with variable data printing.

  • Include targeted advertising with your statements

Transpromo Options

Statement Ads/Onserts:

  • LKCS print ads directly on your statements for pennies.
  • Ads sent to all members OR we can target specific groups of members to receive one or more of these messages.
  • You are no longer limited to short, text-only messages. Include graphics, logos, fonts, photos, etc. Even personalize the ads.
  • Same technology enables loan payment coupons, rate grids, regulatory notices, etc. to be delivered on your statements.
  • Design the ads yourself, select concepts from our online catalog, or have LKCS custom-design ads just for you.

Statement Letters:

  • Include personalized direct mail letters as the first page of your account statements. NO EXTRA POSTAGE!
  • According to the DMA, personalized letters remain as the most effective direct mail method.
  • Use for pre-approvals, referral campaigns, skip-a-pay, investment relationships, welcome new members, etc.


  • Clearly the future for majority of account statements
  • Including statement marketing is just as important All transpromo techniques can be incorporated into LKCS’ e-statements

Additional E-Statement Marketing Options

Customize this e-mail notifications to be your e-newsletter, informing members of your latest campaigns instead of solely confirming their e-statement availability.

  • Banner Ads – Display web banner ads with your e-statements. Use these banner ads to link to your web site, online applications, calculators or PDFs.
  • Landing Pages, Overlays and Hover Ads – Present your latest promotion, news, or interactive content to members/customers before they access their e-statements.

A Few Transpromo Statistics

Numerous studies demonstrate that personalized statement-based onsert campaigns, generate higher response rates than traditional inserts.

  • On average, these higher response rates create a Return on Investment of 280%.
  • Response rates on statement onserts are 80% higher than direct mail.
  • Timing statement-based advertising to coincide with other marketing media can increase awareness and response rates by an additional 125%.

Transpromo Works

Will people look at ads on their statements? 64% of respondents to a recent survey by Zoomerang and InfoPrint said they would use personalized coupons if printed onto monthly bills and statements (with nearly half responding that these would encourage brand loyalty). Compare this to the DMA Response Rate Trend Report that says nearly 60 percent of direct mail campaigns in financial services aimed to produce a direct sale. The average response rate was a comparatively low 1.01%. Onserts (ads) printed on your statements will get read.

Color is 20-30% more expensive than black variable data printing. However, color TransPromo pieces have a 50% higher response than black Transpromo. (Source: Graphic Arts Magazine, October 2010). Idea: Consider printing a portion of your statements in color.

  • Most profitable accounts
  • Targeted transpromo campaigns

Transpromo Statement Campaigns

Campaign ideas:

  • New Account Holders
  • CD Renewals
  • Loan Payoffs
  • Auto Loan Recapture
  • Birthday Messages
  • Loan Payment Coupons
  • Kids Club/Teen Club/Senior Club
  • New Mergers/Branch Acquisitions
  • New SEGs
  • Cross-Sell Opportunities

Pre-Screen Statement Marketing

True or False? – Credit bureau data is very expensive.

  • Actual cost: 25 cents per record – Pre-screen marketing is very effective.
  • Typically at least 2-3x higher response – Direct mail postage cost is now $.30-$.41.

Matrix Statement Campaigns

Series of statement onserts sent out over a period of months/quarters to cross-sell additional products and services to specific groups of account holders.

  • Same concept as Matrix Mailings.
  • Terrific solution for new account holders, mergers, new branch locations, new SEGs, expanded field of membership, etc.
  • Ability to run multiple matrices at same time.