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Designing Your Financial Statements

By on August 25th, 2020 in Statements

Here at LKCS, we design, print, and mail statements… as well as make eStatements available! But if you’re a new customer to LKCS, or are thinking of joining us, you might be curious to know what our design team would need in order to help get you started. These are the key items you can expect to send to us for the designing process:

A vectorized copy of your logo.

In most cases, we much prefer to have a vectorized copy of your logo. This could be an Illustrator file or an .eps. Why vectorized? Vectors are line-based drawings that can be adjusted to any size without any sort of distortion or pixilation to the artwork. The image remains smooth no matter what.

Vectors also allow the graphic designer to easily go in and make color variations of the logo (such as black or white) when necessary. However, any design or color variations of the logo you may already have, please send them all our way! We’d love to have them! We’ll put all submitted logos on file to be used on any additional projects you might ask us to do in the future.

Get design ideas with our statement marketing simulator

Pantone colors

Some businesses are VERY specific about the Pantone colors of their branding. If you have this information, it’s pretty important that you share it with us. However, if you’re not sure (which does happen!), we’re more than happy to choose Pantones that closely match the colors of your current logo. Pantones are often needed when we print anything on the press with 1-color or 2-colors.

Your mailing address, phone number, and website URL

Under most circumstances, this has never been an issue to get from our customers straight off the bat. But we always include your contact information and website.

And that’s about it! Once we have all of the above components, we’ll put together a proof of one or more variations for you to review and ultimately approve.

Any of these items would apply whether you are a new client or are an existing client seeking out our statement redesign services. Whichever you are, we would be happy to assist!