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Is it Time for a Website Redesign?

By on June 25th, 2014 in Design

If the past few years of being online has taught us anything it is that the Internet moves at an incredible pace and will continue to do so well into the future. That being said, websites are not sustainable. The designs, layouts, and even functionality that we implement today is going to change. Financial institutions must be aware of this fact, and adapt accordingly.

Video Webinar

In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, our Lead Web Designer, James Markey, discusses website redesign and highlights several tips and strategies for identifying when its time to retire your current website design in favor of a new one.

Video Transcript (Highlights)

Websites are not sustainable.

  • Web design trends come and go.
  • Users expect more.

Why you should review your site at least every 6 months.

  • Technology changes and things break.
  • Links to third parties expire.
  • Do users know what to do once they arrive at your website?
  • Is your website working for you?

There are many other benefits to a website redesign.

  • Incorporation of social media.
  • Use of new time saving tools.
  • Strengthen your brand.
  • Acquire new customers/members.

Responsive design is the hot topic.

5 points to find out before your website redesign:

  • Secure a domain name (if you need one).
  • Who controls your DNS?
  • Who hosts your current website?
  • Do you have an SSL? Will you need one?
  • Email hosting

6-Steps for getting started:

A website redesign can be a large and overwhelming task!

  • Create a small team for the project.
  • Outline your goals.
  • Research your wants and needs.
  • Put out a request for proposal
  • Analyze the info, request more information.
  • Make a decision.

Our design process.

Each firm has its own process for managing a website redesign project. Here is an overview of our process here at LKCS.

  • Home Page Design
  • Inside Page Design
  • Research your wants and needs.
  • Programming.
  • Page Development.
  • Website Launch.

Tips to keep the project moving.

  • Be active
  • Respond to questions quickly.
  • Bring new thoughts to the design/development team as soon as possible.
  • Make sure everyone on the your team is up to date.

Powerful tools offered by LKCS Tools:

  • Banner Manager.
  • Rates Manager.
  • User Manager.
  • Our CMS.

Powerful services offered by LKCS Services:

  • Free website review.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • We Do That! Attitude.
  • Our CMS.