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How Social Are You?

By on January 28th, 2015 in Marketing

The Social Media landscape is growing and changing constantly. What’s popular today may be outdated next week. Most people don’t remember, but before Facebook everybody used MySpace… and before that, Friendster and Six Degrees. There are now currently over 100 Social Media Channels and it’s growing!

Does your institution need to be involved with all these? Of course not, there are specific audiences and specific purposes for many of them. But this does not mean you should ignore all of them.

Video Webinar

In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, Tim Turczyn discusses ways LKCS can help financial institutions to get started and succeed with social media marketing.

Video Transcript (Highlights)

The Social Media Landscape

The social media landscape is HUGE and can be a little overwhelming!

  • 100+ channels and growing!
  • Specific audiences (general, business, interests, location)
  • Specific purposes (news, friends, photos, videos, ratings)

The benefits of Social Marketing

  • Increase brand awareness and exposure
  • Build a loyal community of loyal and active followers
  • Boost traffic to your web site and improve SEO
  • Cut marketing costs
  • Monitor your brand’s online reputation
  • Account acquisition and sales opportunities

Social Media Challenges

Brand Reputation

  • People are talking about your institution whether you like it or not
  • Some of it is truthful, but…
  • You need to: Control Your Brand – Establish your social media sites to own the conversation. Also need to answer questions and solve issues you uncover

Demands on Your Time

  • Social media is probably not your only job responsibility
  • Signing in to multiple sites is time consuming and makes it easy to miss a comment, post, or review
  • And what about sites you don’t even use?
  • You need to: Approve and Publish Social Media Content; Review and Respond to Posts and Comments; Report on Social Media Activity and Results

Constant Growth and Change

  • Social media is more than Facebook and Twitter
  • You can’t possibly establish a presence of every social media, review site, and microblog
  • Where will people talk about your institution?
  • You need to: Monitor and Consolidate all social media sites for mentions and reviews; Continue to build your online communities of loyal followers

A Word About Compliance

  • Social media keeps compliance people up at night
  • Same rules and regulations apply as all other advertising
  • Risk management and reputational risk
  • Keep management and board informed of your use of social media
  • Employees’ use of social media
  • FFIEC Social Media Guidance – released December 2013 – No new requirements – Meant to explain potential risks, expectations to manage risk, and suggestions regarding social media policies


  • Publish content to multiple social media sites from one location – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Links, photos, videos, blog posts
  • Schedule content in advance – Set the time and date for each post or let the system optimize for you

Advanced Publishing Extras

  • Control link preview images – Links automatically shortened (your choice of service)
  • Schedule and publish Facebook photos
  • Bulk Schedule – Import content from an Excel spreadsheet to schedule content for a week, month, or longer
  • Suggested Content – Recommendations based on previously posted content

Content Management

  • Review, modify, and delete scheduled posts
  • Save posts as drafts to complete or schedule later
  • Establish content approval workflow – User permissions enable you to determine who can create content that must be approved before being published


  • Posts and comments published by others to any of your social media sites presented in a single Priority Inbox
  • View social media profiles, Klout score (social media influence), and more for each person
  • Reply, Retweet, or Direct Message as you review each post and comment!
  • E-mail alerts available on all social media profile activity

Advanced Engagement Extras

  • Mark inbox posts as reads or remove them once addressed
  • Assign responses/contacts to other users
  • Modify sort order and filter posts and comments by social media channel and/or feed type
  • Special Twitter capabilities – Send automatic welcome messages to new followers – Set up auto replies or auto retweets for posts with specific terms or hashtags – Auto follow or unfollow people based on your rules


  • Monitor dozens of social media, blog, and news sites for any mention of brand terms and keywords you specify
  • Stay aware of feedback from major review sites – Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Google+, InsiderPages, YellowPages, City Search, and more
  • Monitor LinkedIn Group discussions
  • All mentions displayed in monitoring dashboard • Receive daily or weekly e-mail summaries of activity including sentiment indication


  • Analyze your social media activity and reach
  • Keeps a record of each of your social media posts
  • Measure each post’s effectiveness through shares, clicks, comments, likes, etc.
  • Have built-in and custom reports delivered by e- mail on weekly or monthly schedule

Our Services

LKCS’ Social Marketing Solutions Through a combination of design and marketing strategies, LKCS can help you to leverage the potential of social media! Key Services:

  • Account Setup
  • Profile Design
  • Daily Management
  • Social Media Training
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Community Building Strategies
  • Social Media Advertising