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Q2 2019: Website User Experience and Marketing Blends

By on June 17th, 2019 in Marketing

This quarter, our monthly webinar series covered topics we’ve been hearing a lot of questions about from our clients. So we decided to dive into these and break it down to the essential information you need to know. Take a look:

Design Your Website for a Better User Experience

User experience is often the most overlooked aspect of a new website build. Yes, the overall design should look good but if the site is difficult to use then you are losing business! Every little detail must be easy to find, understand and use from the visitor’s perspective, or they may get frustrated and leave – taking their business with them.

Credit Based Marketing

Gain deeper insight on your customers and prospects to create more intelligent, customized marketing strategies. When your marketing is focused on the right individuals, you’re more likely to have better results and meet your growth and risk management goals. Learn how credit based marketing can help you reach better results.

Blend Direct Mail with Digital Marketing

What happens when a prospect receives a direct mail offer, goes online to read more about the deal, gets distracted, and never goes back to your website? It used to be that they were gone forever, but not anymore. Learn how digital marketing can pick up where direct mail left off.