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If My Website Isn’t Broke, Why Fix It?

By on January 28th, 2019 in Web

Living in a digital age, it is easy to see the benefits of having a website. A vast majority of your customers are online, and are looking to do business there. In some cases, only there. That being said, it may not be as easy to recognize when your website is becoming outdated. You may even ask the question: “Our website has been working fine for years, why should we update it?” Well, although your website may have worked well in the past, it may not have kept up with growing demands.

If your website has any of the issues below, you might want to consider an update:

Your online banking login is a link to another page

This is a pretty big issue that can be seen on a lot of older financial institution websites. A large portion of bank and credit union website traffic surrounds around online banking. If you don’t currently have a login box on your homepage, your users will in most cases be bypassing it and bookmarking the page you are linking to. When this happens, you are missing a great opportunity to market your most recent product and service promotions.

Your website is not mobile phone friendly

If your website is not mobile responsive, you may be frustrating a large group of your customer base. According to data gathered by Statista, 52 percent of worldwide website traffic is on mobile devices. If you haven’t thought about catering to this growing need, now is the time.

Your navigation is hard to sort through or is overly complicated

One issue with older websites, and even some newer ones, is a poorly sorted navigation. It is important to create a navigation drop down that will be quick and easy to use and also showcase everything that your customers need access to. If your website is lacking in this area, it might be worth looking in to.

Graphics are outdated

This one may sound less important than other more “functional” changes. In my opinion, it is just as important, if not more. The best way to explain it is if you compared a website to your brick and mortar branch. You want to have a welcoming environment where people know where to go and get the services they need. If the building is dingy looking and signs are outdated, your customers may question the quality of service they are receiving. The same goes for your website. If you haven’t modernized your website design, it may give off the impression that you are behind the times, or even worse, don’t care.

If any or all of these points sound familiar, it may be time to start thinking about a website redesign. If this all sounds like a lot to consider and you aren’t sure where to start, I have good news! Our team of award winning designers are ready and willing to help you out. Let us know what your goals are for your new site and we can set you up!