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Harnessing the True Power of LKCS’ DataFlex Solution

By on June 16th, 2014 in Marketing

Have you ever found yourself attempting to analyze your loan data (perhaps using Excel), trying to determine which members are ready to purchase another car? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to quickly and easily see which members are about to pay off their car and send them a special offer for another loan? Or would you like to see which members with good credit are renting and send them a personalized e-mail outlining the mortgage services you offer? DataFlex can do all this and more.

What is DataFlex?

DataFlex is a web-based marketing reporting and tracking solution. The interactive reports, graphs, and dashboards allow you to easily manipulate the data to analyze account relationships, account balances, and the demographic traits of your account-holders. There are many pre-built reports and dashboards all ready for your use. You can rearrange and customize the reports to your liking and save your own copy to return to later.


How does it work?

Every credit union has account data about their customers – shares, loans, credit cards, mortgages – as well as supplemental data about their members (e-mail addresses, birthdates, credit scores, contact information, etc.). LKCS’s programmers will import that data into our server. Once imported, all that data is available through the web-based reporting and dashboard solution.

Automatically updated with new data each month, DataFlex dashboards reveal historical trends and month-to-month impact of marketing efforts.

The web interface is completely separate from the technical side of the data – no programming required!

What can it do?

  • Analyze balances and product penetration as percentage of your membership.
  • Look at product affinity to identify cross-sell opportunities.
  • Follow the results of various marketing promotions and campaigns via tracking reports.
  • Analyze member demographics and aggregate member information by geographic locations (either by residential state/zip code or credit union branch).
  • Identify the members at the top and those at the bottom in terms of number of products, balances, credit scores, etc.
  • Get a sense the average member by viewing the Average Balances Dashboard (or other reports of your own design).

Take Advantage!

DataFlex can be used to implement marketing campaigns by taking advantage of LKCS’ other in-house services, such as Matrix Mailing or E-mail Marketing. My colleague Josh has already written about the advantages of Variable Data Printing, and DataFlex is a powerful and flexible tool to generate targeted mailing lists to use in combination with Variable Data Printing.

Interested in Learning More about DataFlex?

If you find yourself wanting to dig deeper and learn more about your membership and create more tightly-focused marketing campaigns, it’s time to explore DataFlex. LKCS has the experience, imagination, and technical know-how to help you analyze your membership and reach out to them. Contact LKCS today to learn more about DataFlex and what it can do for you.