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The Advantages of Variable Data Printing

By on May 19th, 2014 in Print

Suppose you’re looking through your mail and you see an envelope from a financial institution. The envelope is addressed to “Current Resident,” so your first thought is to throw it right in the trash, but you decide to open it anyway. The letter inside starts “Dear Friend,” and urges you to visit the financial institution to transfer your current auto loan and possibly receive a better interest rate. There’s just one big problem. You don’t have an auto loan, and you’re not looking for one. The letter goes in the trash and you move on to the next piece of mail.

Right away you notice the next piece of mail is different than the last. It’s from another financial institution, but your name is in the address instead of “Current Resident.” You open this envelope and find that the letter has a greeting personalized with your first name. There’s even an image of a house with your last name on the mailbox! Reading the letter, you find that you can refinance your mortgage loan at an interest rate much lower than your current loan rate. There is even contact information of the branch closest to you. You decide this sounds like something you’d like to do, so you give the financial institution a call.

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing is the personalization of a printed piece as it’s printed. With today’s technology, a designed piece, such as a letter or postcard, can be combined with a data file to create a digital print job with each piece being unique. Names, phone numbers, dollar amounts, interest rates, images, and more are able to vary between each piece, while all of the letters or postcards can be processed and printed as one job. Pieces can also be printed based on a specified criteria. For instance, you can send one letter to all account holders who live in one city, and send another letter to all account holders outside of that city. With a data file and some creativity, the possibilities of Variable Data Printing are endless.

Why Variable Data Printing?

Variable Data Printing can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful marketing campaign. Personalized letters and postcards can better catch the eye of the recipient, and can turn a piece of mail that would have gone straight to the trash into the key to gaining a new account holder for your institution. Variable Data Printing also offers the ability to fine-tune a marketing campaign by reaching out only to account holders or prospective account holders that meet pre-defined criteria. Why send an offer to someone if that person doesn’t meet the conditions to take advantage of the offer?

Interested in Learning More about VDP?

If your current marketing campaigns are broad and generic, it’s time to explore Variable Data Printing. LKCS has the experience, knowledge, and creativity to guide you on a successful marketing campaign. Contact LKCS today to learn more about Variable Data Printing.