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DDoS Protection Services Available – Bubble Wrap Your Website

By on July 15th, 2013 in Technology

Would you ever think of shipping fragile items without bubble wrap, packing peanuts or air pillows? Probably not. Why is that? It’s because you know that your package is likely to get mishandled, tossed around, and potentially dropped – all serious threats to the contents inside. The same can and should be said for your website.

There are many threats and dangers that exist online that specifically target bank and credit union websites, one of the biggest being a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Yet, you may very well remain unprotected from this serious threat to your website and online services. What’s worse is that DDoS threats continue to grow more and more prevalent.

What is a DDoS Attack, Exactly?

A DDoS attack is an attack that happens on bank and credit union websites whereby the goal of the attacker is to deny service to that institution’s customers/members.

Traditionally, a DDoS attack is distributed across many computers and Internet connections, and is capable of generating thousands (sometimes millions) of web server requests. These requests will eventually overwhelm web servers, firewalls, and routers, and consume all of the Internet bandwidth available… thus making the site inaccessible.

What We Know About DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service attacks continue to happen daily, and unfortunately, there seems to be no real end in sight. Here’s what we know about DDoS attacks, and the threat they pose to banks and credit unions:

  • DDoS attacks cannot be prevented. They can only be minimized.
  • DDoS attacks against financial institutions are occurring every day – and are affecting banks and credit unions of ALL SIZES.
  • DDoS attacks are growing in scale and complexity, and becoming much easier to initiate – leaving your web site, online banking and other services potentially unavailable for days.
  • DDoS is no longer a nuisance. It is a serious threat to your bank/credit union. Waiting for an attack to happen can leave you vulnerable and cost significantly more than having comprehensive protection in place prior to being victimized.

For more information on DDoS attacks and mitigation, please be sure to watch our webinar.

DDoS Protection – Let LKCS Bubble Wrap Your Website

While it isn’t possible to completely prevent a Denial of Service attack from occurring, there are certainly preventative measures your bank or credit union should be aware of which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of an attack.

LKCS has a DDoS Mitigation service in place and can offer you the protection you need. Additionally, should you have any questions, we can further explain your options and give you the information needed to make a decision regarding DDoS protection.

Get the bubble wrap and protect your institution from DDoS threats… Contact us today!