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Pre-screen credit marketing has proven to be an effective tool for financial institutions nationwide. By utilizing credit data you can easily determine which existing account holders or prospects qualify for your loan and credit card products. It’s easy to turn to your preferred credit bureau to get started. But, surprisingly, that may not be your best option.


Did you know that behind every successful design project is a pile of unused ideas, concepts and sketches that didn’t make the cut? To some, unused design concepts may seem like a complete waste of time and energy, not to mention the waste of a few good ideas. But, not me. As a designer, I feel that by developing these initial ideas helps to create a better final product.


Being a financial institution, you might have a few marketing pieces that you mail out every quarter. In fact, if you happen to be one of our DataFlex customers, than you might even be mailing special car loan offers to those customers that are about to pay off their car. But what other kinds of marketing can you do and how can DataFlex help you accomplish that?


Your financial institution may be like many of our clients. You’ve successfully promoted e-statements and have a growing number of e-statement users each month. You’re saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in postage. But, now comes the next question… are you moving on to the next cost-cutting initiative? LKCS’ e-statement marketing solutions can help you!


Your account holders are active online and therefore Social media is one of the more logical choices to connect with them. Establishing a Facebook page, LinkedIn presence, Twitter account, etc. is commonplace for financial marketers, but social media also has its challenges. Managing social media does not need to be tremendously difficult. LKCS has suggestions to help in this presentation.


Creating banners for your website can seem difficult sometimes, but really it’s only as difficult as you make it. The fact is that with the right thought process and attitude you can make yourself a simple and elegant banner without much trouble at all. The following are 5 design tips for creating quality web banners to help meet your design and marketing goals.


The role of advertising is to relay a message to the consumer. There are many media platforms in which this can be achieved, but if not used properly, the message can often be lost. Choosing what to emphasize can make or break a concept. That is why there are a few subconscious questions I like to ask before laying out a design.