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You are the customer, and therefore are in control of the relationship! Your statement processor, e-statement provider, or data processing company is the vendor. Vendors are there to meet your needs and expectations. Yet, many times, financial institutions are restricted by their vendors. Vendors either don’t have the capability, or worse, they don’t have the […]


On average 5% of your customers, are looking for an Auto, Mortgage, HELOC, or credit card loan every month. Are you aware of this and what are you doing to take advantage of this? In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, our Sales Representative, Tim Turczyn, discusses ways LKCS can help financial institutions to generate new loans.


Your account holders are active online. They communicate with friends and family. They shop. And they follow brands and companies that interest them. Financial institutions obviously want to be where their account holders are. Social media is a logical choice. Establishing a Facebook page, LinkedIn presence, Twitter account, etc. is commonplace for financial marketers.


Over the last few years, user experience has become more main stream. Those responsible for developing and managing websites are now looking at user-data for clues on how to build a better website. The goal with most website projects is to create a user experience that quickly and easily moves visitors through the site and to the information they desire most. Here are 3-tips for doing so.


If the past few years of being online has taught us anything it is that the Internet moves at an incredible pace and will continue to do so well into the future. That being said, websites are not sustainable. The designs, layouts, and even functionality that we implement today is going to change. Financial institutions must be aware of this fact, and adapt accordingly.


Have you ever found yourself attempting to analyze your loan data (perhaps using Excel). DataFlex is a web-based marketing reporting and tracking solution. The interactive reports, graphs, and dashboards allow you to easily manipulate the data to analyze account relationships, account balances, and the demographic traits of your account-holders.


LKCS recently hired two recent college graduates to help reinforce their expanding business, and streamline operations for the Web and Sales teams.”Josh and Tom are two great additions for us,” Sid Haas, Vice-President of Business Development at LKCS, commented. “Both of these guys bring tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and talent to our organization. We look forward to watching them thrive at the company as they launch their careers with us.”