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They’ve Enrolled. Are You Happy?

By on October 8th, 2014 in Marketing

Your financial institution may be like many of our clients. You’ve successfully promoted e-statements and have a growing number of e-statement users each month. You’re saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in postage. You’re “Happy, Happy, Happy!”

So are you moving on to the next cost-cutting initiative?

E-Statement Marketing Solutions

What if you could actually generate new business from your e-statements? Capitalize on the savings you’ve already attained and add monthly income to it.

By leveraging the marketing capabilities within your e-statements, LKCS can help you to:

  • Effectively cross-sell new products and services to existing customers/members.
  • On-board new members/customers beginning with their first statement.
  • Turn unprofitable individuals into profitable relationships.
  • Refinance loans that your account holders have at other financial institutions.
  • Drive your customers/members to your web site, online applications, and custom landing pages.
  • Educate account holders about personal finance.
  • Customize statements by account type.
  • Inform recipients of your latest specials, promotions, and bank/credit union news before they even click to view their e-statement.

Now that will really make you happy!

Learn About LKCS’ E-Statement Marketing Solutions

LKCS can develop a layered approach to e-statement marketing and show you how to leverage the marketing capabilities within your e-statements. Contact us today!