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Transpromo marketing can be implemented across print and electronic platforms. It effectively takes advantage of specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and supports existing rewards/loyalty programs. With transpromo elements, statements and e-statements become highly targeted, measurable, direct mail campaigns that increase revenue and lower costs at the same time.

Your financial institution may be like many of our clients. You’ve successfully promoted e-statements and have a growing number of e-statement users each month. You’re saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in postage. But, now comes the next question… are you moving on to the next cost-cutting initiative? LKCS’ e-statement marketing solutions can help you!

Most credit union e-statement programs were launched to reduce statement postage, delivery costs, and speed up statement delivery. These benefits alone make e-statements a highly attractive option, but they offer much more. Providing e-statements means your credit union has possession of a highly accurate e-mail list and permission to responsibly communicate with your members.