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Loan Prospecting While You’re Closed

By on January 2nd, 2012 in Marketing

Today, January 2nd is a legal holiday. Most (if not all) of our credit union and bank clients are closed. Their loan officers are relaxing at home with their families. They are not actively loan prospecting today, nor should they be. But, credit union members and bank customers may have very well been looking for a loan over the weekend. Auto manufacturers have been inundating TV with their ads and new year specials. Many people may be looking to conslidate their credit card debt and get financially fit in the new year.

This morning, on January 2nd, LKCS delivered loan leads to our credit alerting clients. We identified which of their account holders did, indeed, apply for home loans, auto loans and credit cards over the weekend. And, LKCS was able to send e-mail notifications to these account holders on behalf of our clients — sending pre-screened firm offers of credit while our customers’ institutions were closed. And we’re able to have direct mail letters ready to go tomorrow morning – ensuring that we reach every account holder that applied for credit at any other financial institution, mortgage company, car dealer, etc. Furthermore, we sent these leads to our clients – enabling their loan officers to follow up in person when they get back in the office – arming them with a list of account holders to call and close loans immediately.

Electronic marketing, web sites, and social media extend your reach and enable your account holders to conduct business 24/7/365. People expect instant gratification and will do business with whoever gives that to them. Make sure you have the tools in place, such as credit alerting, to ensure that your institution is positioned to capture business 24/7/365 — not just between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on business days.