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LKCS Upgrades Financial Plus Credit Union to Enhanced E-Statements Platform

By on September 2nd, 2012 in News

Financial Plus Credit Union is the latest financial institution to go live on LKCS’ enhanced electronic statement platform. LKCS’ e-statement solution provides numerous benefits to Financial Plus Credit Union members in addition to providing tremendous operational cost savings and target marketing opportunities for the credit union.

LKCS announced today that Financial Plus Credit Union (Ottawa, IL) became the latest financial institution to implement LKCS’ enhanced e-statement platform.

Financial Plus Credit Union members now experience an improved user interface, faster performance and a longer statement retention period as part of this electronic statement upgrade. In addition, members will now be able to securely view different types of confidential documents including account statements, account notices, and tax forms within the same system. FPCU members also access their e-statements seamlessly from within Intuit Financial Services’ home banking platform by utilizing LKCS’ approved single sign-on interface, without the need to remember another login or password.

LKCS’ e-statement solution also provides numerous benefits for its financial institution clients. Financial Plus Credit Union’s staff has instant online access to view and print all member documents, easily manage e-statement user settings, and execute reports to track e-statement enrollment and usage.

According to Peter Fauth, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Financial Plus Credit Union, “I am completely impressed by LKCS!  I thought this would have been a new way to get to the old statements or something, but it is anything but that.  The new platform is such an improvement… I am completely ‘wowed’ by it.”

These e-statement benefits are combined with LKCS’ unique transpromo statement marketing capabilities. Coinciding with their e-statement upgrade, Financial Plus Credit Union also engaged LKCS to reformat their statement design to incorporate targeted marketing messages and advertisements directly within both their print and electronic statements.

“Electronic statements clearly provide cost savings for financial institutions like Financial Plus Credit Union. When LKCS clients combine these monthly savings with the ability to generate new business by including targeted marketing offers with their statements, they transform their statements from an operational cost to an effective part of their overall marketing effort,” says Mike Dudek, LKCS President.

The redesigned statement and enhanced e-statement platform both launched seamlessly. “I forgot that we had gone live…and I didn’t get any messages from members that there was any confusion or problem.  Non-events are sometimes as positive as improvements… and in this case LKCS nailed it on both counts,” said Fauth.