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LKCS Updates E-Mail Hosting Service

By on May 25th, 2010 in News

LKCS improves its email hosting services. Changes include improvements made to security as well as the overall expansion of its capabilities.

We would like to announce improvements to our email hosting plan, which offer improved security and expanded capabilities. As part of this change, LKCS is offering “Internet Message Access Protocol” or IMAP mail hosting in addition to POP format. We also offer “Secure Socket Layer” or SSL encrypted email. Exchange hosting and e-mail archiving services are also available.

Here are some of the new options available with IMAP or SSL email:

IMAP Advantages

Email Synchronization

Messages are kept in sync at all access points/email clients, such as your desktop software and web interface.

Message Status Information

The status of any message is kept in synchronization at all access points such as whether a message has been read, forwarded, replied to, etc.


IMAP is connected to the mail server as long as the email client is open resulting in quicker receiving time.

Multiple Mailbox Folders

IMAP clients can create, rename, and/or delete mailboxes/folders on the server, and move messages between mailboxes. Multiple mailbox support also allows servers to provide access to shared and public folders.

Server-side searches

Provides a mechanism for the email client to ask the server to search for messages meeting a variety of criteria. This mechanism avoids requiring clients to download every message in the mailbox in order to perform these searches.

Additional Security Advantages with Optional SSL

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

This creates a secure encrypted connection between your email client application and our email server. All of your email messages from your computer to our email server will be encrypted why you read, download, and send email messages. Similar to on-line banking or shopping websites, which require you to login securely with 128-bit encryption, our email server will require the same level of security.

Other Benefits of the New System

  • Enhanced web interface to access your mail.
  • Optional control panel to add, remove or change your email accounts.
  • Worldwide email access with no restrictions on out of the country email.
  • Improved Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scanning
  • Shared Calendaring and Contact Lists with webmail interface
  • 10GB of e-mail storage per account with large 50MB attachment limits
  • Mobile e-mail support

If you have any questions regarding our web hosting or e-mail hosting options, please contact your LKCS sales representative or LKCS’ Director of Web Services, Lee Wilkins at [email protected] or 815-220-3911.