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LKCS Now Offers Tri-Bureau Credit Alerting and Prospecting

By on July 19th, 2011 in News

LKCS establishes partnership with Tranzact Information Services. Company to sell credit alerting and prospecting data services.

LKCS has established a partnership with Tranzact Information Services to offer our clients solutions for both Tri-Bureau Credit File Alerting and Pre-Screen Credit-Based Prospecting. LKCS has negotiated reduced pricing for both of these services — providing tremendous new business potential for your financial institution at a fraction of the cost of working directly with the credit bureaus.

LKCS DataFlex Credit Alerting

Acquire and retain profitable account holders by leveraging tri-bureau prescreen marketing data to identify qualified new prospects, retain account holders at risk of being lost to a competitor, and increase lifetime value by pinpointing cross-selling opportunities in near real time. Gain the ability to close loans from account holders who may be defecting to your competition.

  • Identify your members/customers for DAILY or WEEKLY credit inquiries for auto loans, mortgage loans, consumer loans and/or credit cards.
  • Set criteria to target the prospects that will qualify for a loan offer based on your specific pre-screen requirements.
  • Send direct, e-mail and/or statement onserts to individuals whose credit has been checked and meet your pre-screen criteria.
  • Provide outbound call lists for your call center to contact these account holders.
  • React with the RIGHT offer at the RIGHT time. Deliver a firm offer of credit at the moment a need has been identified.
  • FREE Opportunity Analysis – We will review your account holder credit activity over the past 30 days and provide you with the following data: credit activity by inquiry type, state and credit bureau, as well as qualification rates using your specific qualification criteria!

LKCS DataFlex Pre-Screen Prospecting

Extend pre-approved offers of credit to account holders and prospects based on actual credit score information!

  • Set criteria to identify recipients that will qualify for a loan offer based on your specific pre-screen requirements.
  • Send direct mail loan offers to qualified account holders and prospects.
  • And, of course, you can utilize the DataFlex reporting engine to measure the results of these campaigns!
  • FREE List Counts and Estimates – LKCS will run counts at no charge to determine feasibility and cost of your next pre-screen marketing campaign.

Contact LKCS today at 866-552-7866 or read more about Dataflex.