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LKCS Announces Launch of User-Friendly Mail Delivery Tracking Dashboard

By on September 21st, 2020 in News

LKCS recently developed and launched the DataFlex Mail Tracker as a powerful addition to their direct mail, statement and notice processing, and data management and analysis solutions. LKCS clients now have unprecedented visibility into the postal delivery performance on all their mailings with the ability to track individual mailpieces to their destination.

LKCS has officially launched DataFlex Mail Tracker, a new mail delivery tracking application developed specifically for their statement and notice mailing clients and direct mail customers. The secure web-based software was designed for clients to understand the delivery trends in their postal mailings, track delivery of critical communications to individual recipients, and troubleshoot potential delivery delays.

“DataFlex Mail Tracker is a tremendous addition to LKCS’ array of transactional and direct mail solutions. Our clients can now effortlessly review the delivery statistics of their mailings and track mail delivery to individual recipients whenever needed,” says Mike Dudek, LKCS President.

Every mailpiece that LKCS sends for its clients includes an Intelligent MailĀ® Barcode (IMb). The U.S. Postal ServiceĀ® scans these barcodes multiple times as each mailing tray, letter, postcard, or flat passes through different facilities and a variety of postal equipment on its way from origin to destination. LKCS’ DataFlex Mail Tracker analyzes the data from millions of IMb scans and presents it to their clients in a user-friendly dashboard.

The Delivery Summary page of DataFlex Mail Tracker shows overall delivery results including comparing actual mail delivery dates with the USPS’ published service standards to show how many mail pieces were delivered early, on-time, and late.

The mail tracking application presents delivery data on interactive U.S. maps. These maps portray distribution and delivery statistics of their mail across several different metrics. Clients can choose to view this data mapped by state, 3-digit regional zip code areas, or individual 5-digit zip codes.

Individual Tracking is available within the application for clients to view all postal scan data received for any of their mailpieces. Data is presented chronologically in a table detailing each mail facility and operation performed for each scan.

Data for mailpieces that cannot be confirmed as delivered is presented on a Delivery Scans Exceptions page. Breaking this data down and presenting it sorted by USPS facility, operation code, and tray number is highly beneficial in determining if there is a potential problem with mail delivery. LKCS also monitors this data to work with their local USPS contacts to resolve any issues found in the mailstream.

Sid Haas, LKCS Vice President of Business Development, spearheaded the development of this product. “At a time when the USPS is under a microscope, we’re excited to provide a way for clients to understand their actual delivery metrics, both good and bad,” remarked Haas. “Our customers will be thrilled to see how easy it can be to track mail delivery with DataFlex Mail Tracker. Data is presented visually in a highly graphical format. Clients will gain insight into when mail is expected to be delivered, how quickly it is actually delivered, and identify the sources of any potential delays. All of this helps them maximize their investment in mailings and postage while providing the best service to their members and customers.”

For more information on DataFlex Mail Tracker or to schedule a demonstration, contact LKCS at 866-552-7866 or visit their website at