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Cross-Sell to Your New Members with an OnBoarding Matrix Campaign

By on February 14th, 2014 in Marketing

If you find yourself wondering… what do we do with our new account holders, and how do we go about keeping them, you might be interested in learning more about LKCS’ onboarding matrix campaigns. OnBoarding matrix campaigns allow for a personalized member experience whereby you essentially promote all of your institution’s other excellent services, and then track the results!

Surveys tell us 30% of your new account holders will leave your financial institution within the first year. The same surveys say new account holders are much more likely to sign up for additional products and services. How do you take advantage of this?

Our Onboarding Matrix Campaign Services

  • We offer well-coordinated matrix campaigns to inform new accounts monthly of your other excellent products and services.
  • We personalize each offer to make it a one-on-one coordinated opportunity to sign up for your other services.
  • Our DataFlex System (Advanced Financial Marketing, Reporting and Tracking), helps track new accounts and campaigns as you cross-sell your complete product line.
  • DataFlex is like gaining a marketing assistant by drilling into account relationships to identify new marketing opportunities to sell sticky products.

Testing has shown, highly personalized marketing campaigns generated a 27% increase in response rates over generic promotions.

With that, LKCS offers these personalized matrix campaigns with DataFlex tracking:

  • Indirect Lending Cross Sell
  • Single-Service Account Holders
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Branch Openings
  • Select Employer Groups
  • Senior Club Members

During and after the campaigns, we can utilize DataFlex for:

  • Campaign Analysis
  • Branch Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Account Holder Analysis

Contact LKCS to Discuss Your Onboarding Matrix Options

LKCS can develop a unique and customizable onboarding matrix campaign for your financial institution whereby your account holders will receive selective and segmented offers relevant to each individual. Learn more about leveraging the power and flexibility of an onboarding matrix campaign. Contact us today!