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Crisis Response – Quick Launch Solutions to Help You

By on March 23rd, 2020 in Mail

The world has changed in just a few short weeks. Changes previously unimagined and risks rarely contemplated have been thrust upon all of us. Your account holders are all being forced to deal with imponderable issues on multiple fronts. Clear and accessible communication will be of the utmost importance at this time.

And, at the same time, the stock market has been in a free-fall, many Americans already living from paycheck to paycheck aren’t sure how they are going to pay their bills, and mortgage refinance demand is (or was) skyrocketing.

At LKCS, we’ve been helping our clients nationwide communicate with their patrons, quickly and efficiently, in a variety of ways. In some cases, this was business as usual. And in others, our clients ventured into new territory, using new communication channels.

No one knows when things will normalize or when the next crisis will hit. It’s best to be ready! We’ve assembled a few easy-to-implement solutions that may benefit your financial institution now and well into the future.

Text Messaging

Over 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes of receipt! And text messages achieve a 98% overall read rate (email averages 18%). Need to get the word out fast? We do that. Our platform supports instant opt-out and numerous other features. We can also determine which of your account holders’ phone numbers are mobile numbers vs. land lines to reduce costs.

Form Builder

Many Financial Institutions have closed their lobbies to protect their staff and help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Online banking channels and drive-up lanes aren’t equipped to handle all banking needs. And your web site doesn’t have many forms available electronically. Do you really expect account holders to drive in, get a paper form, fill it out, and return it later? That’s not a great experience. Neither is waiting (or paying) for a web developer to build and program a form, or dozens of them, on your web site.

There’s now a better option: a self-service drag and drop form builder. Build responsive, fully secure, and extremely powerful online forms WITHOUT PROGRAMMING! Even include sophisticated logic and capture data from incomplete form submissions. Even integrate your forms with LKCS’ web tools to route form submissions to different people and departments while tracking follow-up and outcome.

Online Chat

Add personal one-on-one communications to your website. And, your employees don’t need to be in the office to answer a chat. They just need to be online. Secure and compliant, chats are archived and reportable. Chats can be escalated to supervisors or other departments as needed. Chatbots can be programmed for automated responses as well.

Website Tools

While each financial institution is unique, every financial institution has some similarities. And when it comes to websites, there are some common marketing and compliance functions that many financial service clients need to implement as well. To solve these, LKCS has developed a specialized Tool Suite that can be added to practically ANY web site, whether we built it from the ground up or not. These tools enable clients with and without Content Management Systems to update announcements, rates, banner ads, and more as needed – sometimes multiple times per day – without coding or programming of any kind.

Digital Mortgage and Home Equity Platforms

Today’s borrowers expect online lending platforms that deliver outstanding user experiences. The major non-bank mortgage sites do this well. Are your mortgage prospects finding information, calculating payments, and reaching out to your MLOs online? Are your MLOs receiving high quality mortgage leads online? Are you efficiently processing online mortgage applications? Are users able to complete friendly interview-style step-by-step form or are you still presenting an intimidating application with dozens of fields on a single page? Is your mortgage application mobile friendly?

Most online mortgage platforms are focused on the back-end loan origination process. Instead, employ a system like ours that is devoted to providing a superior user experience to the borrower with the ability to integrate with ANY loan origination system. We’ll show you how clients generate more leads and receive more completed applications at a lower cost! The mortgage market is hot now, what will you do to compete when it cools down in a few months?

E-Mail Marketing

We’re constantly amazed at how many financial institutions aren’t utilizing e-mail marketing. LKCS makes it easy (and inexpensive) to craft and send responsive emails to 100 or 100,000 contacts in a matter of minutes. Do it yourself or we’ll do it for you. Measure delivery, read rates, clicks, and more in a gorgeous dashboard. Already an e-mail marketer? Let’s talk about the added benefits of marketing automation!

Web Development

Your IT and marketing staff may be overwhelmed and in need of outside support. LKCS’ web services team stands at the ready to provide web design and development on-demand as you need it. From a simple banner ad, to a landing page, or even a complete site redesign, we have the talent, expertise, and SOC2 credentials to complete the project beyond your expectations.

Direct Mail

Americans are homebound. They are actually looking for relief from their electronic devices (who would have said that a month ago?). A trip out to the mailbox is a welcome reprieve! Targeted, well designed direct mail campaigns with proper messaging will prove to be highly effective during this period.

Want to see some of these solutions in action? Or have more questions?

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Stay safe. Stay well. Thank you for your business!