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Are Your Customers On Board?

By on April 29th, 2015 in Marketing

Thirty percent of the new account holders you worked so hard to get will leave if you do not reach out to them and inform and offer other services. In turn, new account holders are much more receptive to adding new services you offer within the first six months of them joining.

The challenge is not to just bring in new account holders but to convert them so your institution is their primary financial institution!

Matrix campaigns are the perfect solution to accomplish this. Besides New Account “Onboarding” Matrix Campaigns, there are other Matrix Opportunities to help expand your products and services.

Video Webinar

In today’s Webinar Wednesday episode, Tim Turczyn discusses matrix mailings and ways in which LKCS can help financial institutions send a highly targeted and personalized series of direct mail pieces and emails messages to cross sell your products and services.

Video Transcript (Highlights)

What is a Matrix Campaign?

LKCS’ Definition: A highly targeted pre-determined series of direct mail pieces, e-mail messages, onserts, and/or outbound phone calls designed to cross- sell products and services. Each offer is personalized; based on individual account holder relationships, demographics, and other criteria unique to each institution.

Why Matrix Marketing?

  • Proven results in a wide variety of institutions.
  • Campaigns are automated. They continue no matter what other priorities demand your time.
  • Personalized communications with account holders is the most cost-effective method for improving services-per-households, increasing balances, and long-term retention of the relationship.

Matrix Campaign Components

  • Direct Mail – Postcards – Personalized Letters – Self-Mailers
  • E-Mail Messages
  • Outbound Phone Calls
  • Statement Based Campaigns – Statement “Onserts” – Statement Cover Letters – Selective Inserts

New Account Holder “Onboarding”

  • 30% of new account holders leave within the first year.
  • In turn, new account holders are more likely to purchase additional products or services.
  • The challenge isn’t not only to get new account holders, but to convert them so they are using you as their primary financial institution.
  • One Solution: Educate new account holders about additional products and services that will appeal to their lifestyles and financial situations.

Indirect Lending Cross-Sell

  • A J.D. Powers & Associates study found that 37% of consumers with luxury purchases and 33% of consumers with non-luxury purchases said they intend to work with the dealer to choose the financing options.
  • The challenge is not only to bring in the loans – the challenge is how to turn these people into more than just single account holders.
  • One Solution: Inform these account holders about your institution – they wanted the vehicle, not the relationship. Sell the relationship and your benefits and advantages over the competition. Identify and promote SPECIFIC products and services that will appeal to each individual.

Single-Service Account Holder

  • How many account holders do you have that have only a single account as their rainy-day fund or so they can cash their paychecks? Or have a single loan or credit card?
  • Are these the type of people you are trying to attract?
  • One Solution: Identify these account holders and send specific cross-sell offers based on age range, income and the existing account relationship(s).

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • The pace of mergers and acquisitions is likely to continue to increase.
  • With each merger, your assets grow and you gain additional economies of scale. But, are you getting the most from your new account holders?
  • One Solution: Extend cross-sell offers to newly acquired account holders based on their existing relationships and balances, focusing on products and services that are new to them or that offer significant advantages over the “old” institution’s offerings.
  • Make this matrix part of your overall merger strategy.

Other Matrix Campaign Opportunities

  • New Branch Openings
  • Select Employer Groups (SEGs)
  • Investment and/or Insurance Divisions
  • Senior Club Accounts
  • Other opportunities exist to send regular, highly personalized campaigns to key prospects
  • Commercial Accounts

A Matrix Designed Just For You

Consider the following factors when designing your matrix:

  • What are your advantages in the marketplace?
  • What are your disadvantages?
  • Which products & services will you promote to capitalize on these advantages?
  • In what order?
  • What offers will you extend?
  • Which account holders should you target for each of these products and services?
  • What logic will be used to target and personalize each offer?
  • How many different mail pieces and other contact points?
  • What will the letters, e-mails or mailers say?

LKCS Takes It From There

  • Initial programming to build the matrix
  • Copy writing and graphic design
  • Monthly import of account data
  • Matrix processing

Adjust and Refine

Ability to refine matrix at any time

  • Change letter conditions / account relationships
  • Add/remove letters
  • Modify text or design

DataFlex Marketing Reporting and Tracking System

DataFlex Matrix Campaigns are just one component of the DataFlex Marketing Reporting and Tracking System

  • Easy to use, affordable MCIF alternative
  • Not just your typical data tables and graphs
  • Interactive reports and dashboards give you instant access to information
  • Drill down as far as you need to go – all the way to individual account holder level