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4 Ways to Improve Your Statement Design

By on May 19th, 2016 in Statements

When it comes to the design of your statements, it can be hard to look past the layout that comes from your statement vendor and see the possibilities. Or, perhaps your statements were last redesigned years ago and are due for a refresh. I’ll outline some ways to improve the look of your statements, enhancing their visual appeal, readability, and their marketing effectiveness. All of these factors will combine to create a positive impact on how long members look at your statements, and also your statement marketing.

1. More Color

Most likely your credit union logo has a splash or two of color in it, but what about that same logo on your statements? Does the logo print in color, or is the entire statement black and white?

There is an entire spectrum of color waiting to be applied to your statements. Starting with the economical, your logo can be printed in color while the remainder of the statement is printed in black and white. However, your e-statements don’t have to be that way. All of your statement marketing and logos can be in full color online for your membership, no matter how much or how little color is on your printed statements.

Most likely, you have a reconciliation area for your members to reconcile their accounts. This is another opportunity to add color to your statement design. A colorful logo on the front of each page combined with the use of color ink for the reconciliation on the back can go a long way to brightening up a financial statement.

For the ultimate in color, your statements can be printed in full color with colorful logos, section headers, and marketing. Such colorful statements can be very eye-catching!

2. Targeted Marketing

First off, if your statements don’t contain any marketing, adding some is a very straightforward and essential change to make. By placing your marketing ads right on the statement itself, you have a captive audience that can’t help but see your loan offers or certificate rates, or whatever new exciting products you wish to market. However, not everyone is interested or even eligible for all of your products. Don’t write them off! By creating multiple onserts and then working off of criteria such as age, Zip Code, credit scores, or account balances, you can reach more of your membership by selectively adding an ad that your members are more likely to be interested in.

3. Add a Summary Section

By adding an “At a glance” summary section with totals of balances by account or by product category, your statements become easier to read and more user-friendly. Such a summary section helps your members stay on top of their finances better. As a benefit, by including a summary section at the top of the statement, your members will spend more time looking at the first page where your marketing materials and important statement messages are also located.

4. Add Loan Coupons or Rewards Points or…

Increase the functionality of your statements by adding more features such as auto loan payment coupons every quarter, or a home loan payment coupon every month. These can replace the old coupon books. Or, if your debit cards or credit cards have rewards points, you could possibly include the point balances on your statements. By adding more features, your membership will spend more time reviewing their statements and have more exposure to your statement marketing. With these additional sections presented in a clear, easy-to-read fashion, your members will find your statements more useful and be more likely to turn to you for more services.

Contact us to improve your statements

All of these statement design tips are routinely used on our statements by our customers to enhance the look and feel of their statements. With more color on the page and on the screen, a concise summary section, relevant marketing, and useful additional additions such as loan coupons or rewards points, your statements can be improved and made much more attractive. Contact LKCS today to learn more about our statement printing and mailing services and our e-statement platform.