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Why printed newsletters are still important.

By on August 22nd, 2019 in Print

Have you been considering completely dumping your printed newsletter for a cheaper,” more convenient” digital version? Maybe you already have? Well you should think twice about your decision!

Contrary to popular belief these days, print is NOT dead. We live in this crazy digital age now, where the internet is being heavily relied upon to view important documentation and information; this includes the spread of newsworthy information found in newsletters. So, what difference does it make?

Printed newsletters can have a better response rate. Have you ever stopped to think about some of your own habits online? More specifically, with your personal emails…?

Emails are incredibly easy to ignore. I’m one of the guilty! If I receive an email about something that I didn’t sign up to receive or was not expecting, I could not be more disinterested in what it is. Very rarely do I bother opening them. Straight to the trash it goes! Or worse, there it sits FOR-EV-ER in my inbox or spam folder only to eventually meet its untimely demise, having never been opened at all.

Printed newsletters sent through traditional mail differ in that they are guaranteed delivery and hold a greater chance of being read.

Printed newsletters stand out. If I’m handed something in physical form, I’m more likely to give whatever it is a look over. Especially if it’s something with eye-catching graphics or imagery (often used in newsletters).

I’m also put into the position where I can’t simply ignore physical mail in the long run either like I do email. I HAVE to do something with it. I’m actually forced to open it up and look at what it is before I choose to dispose of it or not.

Printed newsletters provide REAL convenience. If the recipient doesn’t have time to look at the newsletter right away, they’ll always have a physical copy on hand to go back to anytime they want.

Perhaps there’s a great deal on an auto loan they might now be interested in that they can refer back to. Whereas, with email, there’s a lot of searching involved if your inbox looks anything like mine. “Where did I read about that offer again?”, you might ask yourself. Or it may have been deleted!

Printed newsletters are new again! Yes. You read that correctly. NEW!

With the focus turning more towards social media and all things internet-based, printed newsletters are becoming a true rarity. You’re certain to make a lasting impression by sending something that feels a bit more personal, and in turn appreciated.

That’s not to say you can’t still make both types of newsletters available. It’s definitely an avenue you should consider, as both options have pros and cons. I’ve covered just a few to give you an idea!