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Welcome new members to your credit union with the perfect series of emails

By on June 25th, 2019 in Marketing

Your marketing is paying off, people are paying attention to your messages and the credit union is gaining new members.

You should be happy, but the problem is, most of them don’t take advantage of all the products and services you offer. They don’t become loyal, invested members of your credit union. You need to keep them engaged, motivated and capitalize off the interest that made them join the credit union.

This can easily be done with onboarding emails delivered at the perfect time and with the most relevant content.

The Welcome Email

The welcome email, this should be simple and focus on the member’s needs. It should be sent as soon as possible after account set up. Minimize the selling in this email and focus more on solving the members banking issues. Provide links to help guides, FAQs or educational videos you have. Tell them where they can find your mobile app, how to set up online banking and other “tools” they might need. Reduce the road blocks that are preventing them from using the tools you provide.

Incentive-based Emails

Follow up the welcome emails with incentive-based emails. Give new members reasons to want to check out other products and services you offer. For instance, explain to them how your online banking is one of the best. Again, the idea is to reduce the road blocks that are causing them to not use your product or service. Another option for these incentive-based emails are “reward” type emails. Once someone signs up for new services have a trigger-based email sent off, congratulating them on signing up or enrolling in a new service.

Targeted Product Emails

Continue to keep new members engaged with other follow up emails for services they don’t have. Sending an email to a member for a product or service they already have can hurt your credibility and make the member aware you don’t know them. These emails should be a combination of sales and calls to action that allow members to easily initiate the next step of signing up or enrolling in the product or service you’re offering.


With all these emails one thing should be common, they need to be personalized. You have the ability to get plenty of information about members, their needs and concerns during account opening. Put that information to use. Incorporating personalization in emails drives engagement and gives members a feeling that you know them and care about their needs.


Customer onboarding can last for 60 – 90 days or even longer if need be. A mistake in most onboarding processes is not contacting the new member enough. Not every email you send will be read by the new member, so we need to remember to increase the number of emails sent. Anywhere from 3 – 7 messages during the first 30-90 days is a decent amount.