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Tracking Minority Marketing Effectiveness

By on July 10th, 2008 in Marketing

We are hearing more and more about the benefits of minority marketing. LKCS’ DataFlex database marketing system provides extensive reporting and tracking capabilities, including the ability to effectively track minority marketing campaigns. A financial institution client recently asked us to create reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness of their Hispanic marketing initiatives.

DataFlex made it easy.

  • LKCS appended ethnicity information to their account holder list. LKCS utilizes a highly effective solution to identify ethnicity based on numerous factors. It analyzes both an individuals first and last name and applies ethno-linguistic and geocentric rules to both the surname prefix and suffix and identifies the specific ethnic, religious, and minority status of individuals, even an individual with a multi-ethnic surname.
  • This ethnicity data was imported into the DataFlex data warehouse for this client.
  • We easily created DataFlex reports to analyze the deposit and loan account relationships and balances currently held by Hispanic account holders.¬†Additional reports utilize trend lines and other visual elements to demonstrate relationship and balance growth over time¬†for this ethnic group.

Learn More About Our Minority Marketing Abilities

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