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Three Things People Hate About Email Marketing

By on June 16th, 2017 in Marketing

Email marketing, when used correctly is one of the most effective marketing channels. You can deliver your message to any size audience in a matter of seconds. But with that great power does come some great responsibility. Consumers are fickle; they don’t want to get bombarded with emails from you. They want your email to render properly on their device and they want content that is relevant to their interests. When developing an email marketing strategy, all these factors should be taken into consideration. So without further delay, here are three things people hate about email marketing and you should probably avoid.

  1. Sending Emails too often

    If you’re piling messages in people’s inbox on a daily basis, chances are your emails are not getting read. People lack the time and attention span to open that many messages. Even though your audience signed up to receive email messages from you, that doesn’t mean they want to hear from you more than a few times a week. Unless you have a message or messages that are very specific to a segment of your audience don’t overdo it on the sends. Eventually people will begin to unsubscribe because it’s easier to stop getting the email than it is to sort through them on a daily basis.

  2. The Email doesn’t work on all devices

    Having multiple devices to check email on is the norm for most people. If you want to please your audience and keep them reading more of your emails they should be able to digest your email on any of their devices. This is especially true for mobile devices, emails are viewed on mobile devices about 50% of the time, and that number is growing. If your emails are not rendering properly your audience is deleting your message. They don’t have time to zoom in and out of a message to see the content that might be of interest to them.

  3. Sending Generic Emails to Everyone

    Email blast, a term that many use, is associated with creating a very generic email message and “blasting” it to your entire audience. This was and in some cases still is a very common practice for many email marketers. But with as much data that we can collect, we should be segmenting our audiences and sending very specific content to consumers that we know want to see that message. If you’re not using and email marketing system that allows for segmentation, automation and personalization you should be looking for something new. These are tools that once set up will allow your message to be highly targeted and very relevant to your audience.

Remember; timing, rendering and content are the three most important points to consider when creating an email marketing strategy. Thinking about and tweaking all these things are an ongoing battle. Review statistics on your sends, who’s opening your emails, what time are they being opened, what links are being clicked on, what devices are being used to view your email, etc. All these data points can be used to target and refine your email marketing strategy.