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The Web is Cool

By on February 8th, 2012 in Technology

When it comes to technology, we often take Internet for granted now. We use it every day. You can find anything on Google or YouTube or Facebook. Amazing applications are being launched every day — and they go viral. Pinterest recently obtained 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors faster than any other web site. 10 million unique visitors EACH MONTH.

LKCS recently launched a new web site for one of our clients. We launch web sites routinely, but this one was just a little different. This particular customer seems to get it. It was very important to them to incorporate social media into the site. They put their blog front and center. They chose to incorporate a content management system and custom programmed control panels to ensure the site was easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. They’re even using the CMS to push content to custom Facebook pages. They also added a mobile site, realizing and taking advantage of the massive growth of mobile devices. There are now more mobile devices sold worldwide than PCs (and the PC category still includes iPads and other tablets which I would consider to be mobile devices). AND, the site was so important to their business goals that they pushed us to develop the site in less than 4 weeks.

Even up to a few years ago, I considered a web site to be an electronic brochure. There are too many sites that still remain just that. But the web is cool when customers embrace how the world has changed with the advent of “broadband anywhere” internet access, social media, and the joy of discovery.