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As with most things, a new year brings new ideas and this year promises to be one of the best yet. 2015 has some great things in store for the web world. We will continue to make advances in trends that took off in 2014 like parallax design, material design and responsive design, but where will that leave us. In today’s post, we’ll cover a few of the year’s upcoming website trends.

Creating banners for your website can seem difficult sometimes, but really it’s only as difficult as you make it. The fact is that with the right thought process and attitude you can make yourself a simple and elegant banner without much trouble at all. The following are 5 design tips for creating quality web banners to help meet your design and marketing goals.

Over the last few years, user experience has become more main stream. Those responsible for developing and managing websites are now looking at user-data for clues on how to build a better website. The goal with most website projects is to create a user experience that quickly and easily moves visitors through the site and to the information they desire most. Here are 3-tips for doing so.

Having rotating banner ads on your home page has become a very common web trend as of late, and rightfully so. With that, the need to be able to add and remove banners from your site is very important. It is for this reason we have developed a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool for managing home page banners.

If the past few years of being online has taught us anything it is that the Internet moves at an incredible pace and will continue to do so well into the future. That being said, websites are not sustainable. The designs, layouts, and even functionality that we implement today is going to change. Financial institutions and other businesses must be aware of this fact, and adapt accordingly.

Unless you are familiar with web and technology terms you may not completely understand what responsive design is. With the web’s migration from desktop to mobile, it has never been more crucial to provide an excellent mobile experience. Responsive design is very prevalent on the web today. I have compiled a list of my top five responsive websites.

Website design trends come and go year after year. Some trends stick around and become an everyday web design style, while some fade faster than a cheap plastic slide in the summer sun. You may have already heard the term parallax scrolling, a new trend that is evolving daily. The use of parallax scrolling is a couple years old, but did not become main-stream until recently.