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Tool Review: Banner Ad Manager

By on June 2nd, 2014 in Design

Having rotating banner ads on your home page has become a very common web trend as of late, and rightfully so. Generally speaking, banner ads help to keep sites looking professional and at the same time reduce clutter. Additionally, they can aide in your company’s marketing efforts and allow you to deliver multiple marketing messages to your users efficiently, and in an attractive way.

For years now, we’ve recommended the use of banner ads to our clients. With the large majority of our client base being banks and credit unions, having rotating banners to promote their latest product offerings, services, or rate promotions is necessary.

Understandably, the majority of our clients will want and need to be in control of their web banners at all times – that is being able to make design and rotation changes quickly and easily. To satisfy this need, LKCS will not only create traditional banner ad rotations, but we’ve gone as far as developing a customizable banner ad management tool for our clients.

LKCS’ Banner Ad Rotation Manager

The large majority of our customers are not web programmers, nor do they have a web programmer on staff.  Yet, the need to be able to add and remove banners from their site is very important. It is for this reason we have developed a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool for managing home page banners. We call it the “Banner Ad Rotation Manager”.

What is it?

As you might expect, the LKCS Banner Ad Rotation Manager is a tool that allows our clients to manage their home page banners via a web interface. This tool gives users 100% control over their web banners to which they may add and remove web banners as needed, and without the need for a web programmer.

What makes it so special?

We think our Banner Ad Rotation Manager is pretty special, and believe you will as well. One of the reasons we feel it is unique is because it is built, in part, with the help of our clients – those who use the product day in and day out. We take customer feedback very seriously, and are constantly looking for way to improve our tools to meet the needs of our clients. Here are a few of the finer points that make are tool so special, some of which came at the request of our customers:

Upload Your Own Banners
There is no additional software or configuration needed for the Banner Ad Manager. Once logged in, users will have full control of their web banners including being able to upload their own ad designs.

There are no limitations as to the number of banners users can upload using our tool. You can store 5 or 500 banners in your ad library – each having the ability to be turned on or off at any time. Have the same or similar promotions every year? The library feature allows users to recycle ads and cut down on design time and cost.

Control Rotation Order Users can keep their home pages fresh by changing the order of their banners at any time, and with ease via a basic drag-and-drop function. Users also have the option of selecting the “random” setting to have their ads rotate randomly. We find that these features help to ensure that site visitors aren’t seeing the same ad on every visit.


Control Rotation Transitions & Speed
Our Banner Ad Rotation Manager comes with built-in transitions allowing users to select the type of animation style their banners have. Additionally, users will have the ability to change the speed in which their banners rotate. Ads can be set to cycle through faster or slower than normal based on your needs.

Schedule Ads
By far one of the more popular features of our tool is the ability to schedule ads. Ad scheduling allows users to plan promotions ahead of time, and even help to work around weekends or holidays. Scheduling an ad is easy – simply select a “publish” and/or “expiration” date with our date-picker, and rest assured that your ads will go up and come down as desired.

Want to Learn More? Consider a Free Demo!

We would absolutely love the opportunity to show you our Banner Ad Rotation Manager in action, and to address any questions you might have. Contact us today and schedule your free demo!