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Direct mail marketing is an integral part of a well-balanced marketing mix. However, just like any other marketing strategy, it won’t succeed without the right combination of elements. If you approach it in the right way, direct mail can give you a solid return on your investment. To ensure your direct mail piece gets the best response, there are a few things you want to make sure you don’t overlook.

If you find yourself wondering… what do we do with our new account holders, and how do we go about keeping them, you might be interested in learning more about LKCS’ onboarding matrix campaigns. OnBoarding matrix campaigns allow for a personalized member experience whereby you promote all of your institution’s other excellent services, and then track the results!

Direct Mail Marketing Works!

By on November 15th, 2013 in Marketing

Consumers are hit with hundreds of messages on any given day! How do you grab the attention of your prospects? Direct mail enables you to communicate on a personalized one-to-one basis, generating significantly higher response rates than generic mail pieces. LKCS offers high quality printing and mailing services – giving you a one-stop solution for your direct mail promotions.