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LKCS Introduces the Next Step in Evolution of Direct Mail Marketing

By on July 18th, 2017 in News

LKCS is excited to introduce the next step in the evolution of direct mail marketing with their newest product offering, Campaign Suite. Campaign Suite is an integrated multi-channel marketing platform designed to greatly improve campaign results. One consistent message, delivered across multiple channels with each being measured for their effectiveness. LKCS’ Campaign Suite transforms direct mail prospects into customers, dramatically improving conversion rates.

The direct mail industry is currently undergoing a massive shift. Managing the multi-channel collaboration between direct mail, inbound calls, internet advertising, and social media is a challenge for marketers. Campaign Suite achieves this with the power of a robust data engine to organize, automate, and track all marketing activity.

Campaign Suite is an all-inclusive add-on to any direct mail campaign that bundles five features in one. Instead of just sending out a direct mailing piece, Campaign Suite consists of Direct Mail, Mail Delivery Tracking, Online Follow-up Ads, Social Media Promotion, and Call Tracking.

The new Campaign Suite product solves the key problems facing today’s direct mail marketers. First, LKCS’ tracking technology verifies timing and delivery of the mailpiece. Second, Campaign Suite successfully ties offline direct mail with online digital advertising, social media advertising, and traditional inbound calling. And, third, this solution automatically follows up with the majority of interested prospects who visit the advertised site, but don’t submit a form or transaction on that site.

Using cutting-edge barcode technology, Campaign Suite knows when an LKCS client’s mail is due to reach mailboxes and how many mail pieces are confirmed to be delivered each day. Then, online follow-up ads through Google and Facebook will begin to display to the direct mail recipients that visited each LKCS client’s website to reinforce the campaign offer and drive prospects back to that website until they take action. At the same time, unique phone numbers track and record the calls generated by each campaign so the quantity and quality of calls can be measured and used to continuously improve each client’s sales process.

LKCS’ Campaign Suite clients now have access to a web-based dashboard to view real-time mail delivery tracking, access call tracking information and listen to recorded calls, examine online follow-up ad activity, and analyze social media ad activity.

“The divide between print and online marketing channels has grown significantly the past several years” says Sid Haas, Vice-President of Business Development at LKCS. “LKCS has introduced our Campaign Suite to bridge that divide by seamlessly leveraging online and social media advertising to boost results from any direct mail campaign. Our clients now have access to an online dashboard to monitor direct mail delivery, online ad effectiveness, and even monitor the quality of incoming calls related to their marketing campaigns. Adding the Campaign Suite boosts success rates for our clients.”