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LKCS to Offer Online Chat Services

By on June 23rd, 2010 in News

LKCS intends to grow their web service offerings and offer clients online chat services. Their solution will feature customize chat buttons, windows, and much more.

As more and more consumers are conducting their personal business electronically, the fact remains that many users still want to communicate with a live human being. Instead of only reading web pages or written documents, your account holders want to be able to communicate directly with your employees.

With LKCS’ online chat solution on your website you can simulate the same experience for your account holders that they would feel if they visit one of your branches. You can greet them when they enter. You can assist them in real time, answer their questions and help them find the information they need. Provide consultation on your products and services and effectively cross-sell other products when possible and appropriate.

Online chat is easily integrated into your web site. Our solution enables you to customize chat buttons, windows, and much more. You can have multiple departments and operators so your site visitors can communicate directly with the most appropriate person within your organization. Your account holders will not need to install and software. And you’ll have complete monitoring and reporting to make sure that your operators are assisting your account holders efficiently. Online chat conversations can even be secured and encrypted with standard SSL security certificates to ensure that private information remains that way.

We are happy to offer a high quality, low cost online chat solution. Request information online or contact your LKCS account representative for details.