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LKCS to Provide Statements for Data Systems of Texas Clients

By on March 18th, 2013 in News

LKCS, a leading statement and e-statement provider to credit unions nationwide, has teamed up with the Data Systems of Texas, a premier Sharetec core processing system partner and reseller, to provide advanced statement reformatting and transpromo statement marketing capabilities to DSOT clients.

LKCS recently ratified an agreement with Data Sytems of Texas (Waco, TX) to become DSOT’s preferred statement provider of advanced statement solutions to DSOT clients throughout the country.

LKCS is the leader in providing end-to-end marketing, graphic design, commercial printing, direct mail, web development, and statement processing services to financial institutions. Combined with over 50 years of financial marketing expertise, LKCS leverages the latest technologies and techniques to improve marketing results and return on investment for their clients.

Data Systems of Texas, a Sharetec core processing system partner and reseller, is an industry leader in the installation and support of leading technology products for credit unions. They provide numerous software, hardware and support services to credit unions throughout the southern United States.

Credit unions on the Sharetec core processing platform will benefit from this relationship. LKCS provides the ability to reformat member account statements, making them easier to read and understand. In addition, these credit unions can embed targeted, graphical marketing ads directly into their statements. These transpromo statement marketing capabilities have proven to be tremendously successful for LKCS clients at a fraction of the cost of other marketing options.

DSOT further extends these offerings to provide their clients with the option to present LKCS-reformatted e-statements, including the transpromo statement ads, directly within the Sharetec home banking platform.

Pioneer Muslim Federal Credit Union (Sugar Land, TX) became the first DSOT client to take advantage of these advanced statement services. LKCS reformatted the credit union’s statement data and incorporated check images, making it easier for members to reconcile their accounts each month.

“We are excited to align our company with a core processing provider of such high caliber as the Data Systems of Texas. LKCS is proud to offer these advanced statement services to their Sharetec clients for years to come,” says Mike Dudek, LKCS president.