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LKCS Completes External Vulnerability Assessment

By on July 31st, 2008 in News

LKCS continues to test and improve the overall effectiveness of its network security. The company hires 3rd party security firm for semi-annual vulnerability testing.

As part of our ongoing attention to security, LKCS recently completedĀ a semi-annual external vulnerability assessment. For these assessments, LKCS hires a 3rd party information security firm to identify any potential threats to our computer systems or data.

LKCS is the leader in providing end-to-end marketing, graphic design, commercial printing, direct mail, web development, and statement processing services to financial institutions. Combined with over 50 years of financial marketing expertise, LKCS leverages the latest technologies and techniques to improve marketing results and return on investment for their clients.

During this recent test, more than 21,000 individual host and network security assessment tests were performed on our computer network. Operating system versions, available services, service versions, host security vulnerabilities and network security vulnerabilities were the primary focus of the assessment.

LKCS did extremely well on this assessment, verifying the effectiveness of our information security policies and procedures.

According to the assessment report, “External testing results indicated the presence of adequately configured and placed firewall devices.” Injection testing “was performed with positive results and nothing of consequence is reportable… Several scan and exploit reconnaissance attempts were defeated with negative and null results. This shows a positive trend in the overall security state of LKCS.”

The report continues that “It is our conclusion thatĀ LKCS’s external network complies with leading practice configurations and does not contain vulnerabilities which place the environment at immediate high or medium risk.”