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How to turn statements into a marketing tool.

By on August 6th, 2019 in Statements

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”

William Butler Yeats

Such an odd quote to begin this blog discussion on statement design, but is it really? If you are in the financial field, statement data without proper formatting can be confusing to someone who may have just a savings account or an auto or home loan. Because of this, it is up to you to clearly convey all information to help your clients understand their finances, prompt intelligent questions and conversations and build their financial portfolio with you.

What better way to begin clear communication skills with your clients than making sure your statements are presented in a way that will be comprehended clearly?

When your client receives their monthly statement, whether printed or electronically, it’s your job to ask several questions:

1.) Is the received data easy to read?
2.) Is the client’s statement attractive to the eye?
3.) Is that marketing touch included?

Un-formatted Statement

Unformatted Statement Example

Customizing Statements

Custom reformatting: Design your statements so each account type is different from each other with basic changes such as:

  • Account headings and renaming
  • Different fonts
  • Boxes and shading for better understanding.

Transpromo marketing: This is combining your monthly statements and marketing into one process. You can place ads or ‘onserts’ directly on your statements to inform your clients of upcoming promos or events! For our clients, we have even personalized the ad for each recipient by adding their name or any information included with the statement or supplemental data. A few other examples of personalized statements are having happy birthday messages or welcoming a new account holder.

Envelope ads: It’s almost impossible to open up an envelope and not look at the back of it; another fantastic marketing strategy is printing an ad on the back of your statement envelopes!

Color statements: Are also becoming a more popular entity with financial institutions. Being able to custom design the color of different headings and transaction types makes them easier to read and gives your client a better experience with you.

Formatted Statement

Formatted Statement Example

Putting it all together

By making your statement data easier to read with varying headings, font sizes or shading, you’re making it easier for your account holders to focus their eyes on customized elements. Personalization immediately draws attention and let’s each person know this document is made especially for them. Since the majority of people open their financial institution’s mail and read their statements, any advertisements placed here will be seen and read.

Contact LKCS for ways to customize your statements and turn them into a marketing tool for your financial institution. We have the ideas, the capabilities and the security in place to push statements on time and on message.