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How to Turn New Website Visitors into Repeat Visitors

By on May 6th, 2019 in Marketing

New website visitors are something to get excited about. Somehow, they’ve actually found your website! Perhaps they found it by searching on Google or maybe they saw your ad in the newspaper and went directly to your site by typing in the web address.

This could be the first interaction they have with your brand. There’s a lot riding on this visit.

  • Will they find the information they’re looking for?
  • Will they like your brand and what it represents?
  • Will they contact you for more information?
  • Or will they fill out a loan application right now?

For the last two questions, many times the answer can be no. A new website visitor, who is unfamiliar with your brand, may not be ready to open an account or contact you for information just yet.

It can take a couple of repeat visits before someone is ready to convert into a lead.

Instead of waiting, encourage these visitors to return with remarketing ads.

Remarketing is a type of online advertising. You can serve your ads specifically to past website visitors only. It keeps your brand and message in front of them after they’ve left your website and gone on to others.

How does it work?

Have you ever read an article on a news site and saw an ad for a pair of shoes you were just looking at on another website? Those are remarketing ads.

Because you’ve visited that shoe site, you are now tagged with a tracking pixel or cookie. That tells the advertiser which users to serve ads to.

Bank or credit union websites can do the same thing. With Google Analytics tracking installed, you can build a list of just new site visitors. Then in Google Ads, you can set up ad campaigns that will serve ads to that list.

Remarketing ads can display online as banner or text ads. They will repeatedly be displayed to people on the list for a period of time.

Example of a Banner Ad on The Weather Channel

Facebook also offers remarketing ads. By putting their tracking pixel on your website, you scan serve sponsored posts/ads in the Facebook news feed of your past site visitors. You can encourage them to like your page, visit your website again, and more.

Example of a Facebook Ad

Think of remarketing ads as being similar to passing the same billboard every day on your way to work or seeing the same commercials on TV or Hulu. Eventually those marketing messages start to stick and you’ll think of that brand when you need a particular product or service.

Remarketing ads are way more targeted than those examples. That’s because you know the people seeing them are already interested in your financial institution.

There is so much more you can do with these types of ads. You can target based on specific pages, user behavior and more. If you’re interested in trying them, contact us. Our team of marketers would be happy to help.