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Where Have All The Good Loans Gone?

By on February 12th, 2015 in Marketing

Be aware that over half of your account holders will be looking for some kind of loan in the next year – whether it be an auto, HELOC, mortgage or credit card. Are you prepared? Are your rates and offers competitive enough?

If nothing else has changed with regards to lending, one thing certainly has… that account holders are far more educated now than they were in the past. Today’s consumer is more willing to shop other financial institutions and possibly switch to save on their monthly bills.

With that said, you might questioning what your options are.

Monitor Your Account Holders Better and Target New Loan Prospects

Be ready to make the right offer at the right time!

Many financial institutions are spending way too much time reviewing loans from prospects that do not meet the qualifications of their financial institution. It wastes a huge amount of time and then adds stress and conflict when they need to tell the prospect they are not qualified for the loan they want.

LKCS’ credited-based marketing solutions eliminate much of this unproductive time. We utilize all 3 Bureaus to monitor credit requests from your account holders and potential account holders. And… because the monitoring and eligibility is credit based, you determine what requirements (FICO scores, equity, LTV, loan balance, etc.) are necessary and further meet the lending goals of your financial institution.

LKCS can then assist you winning over these qualified loans through one of many marketing campaigns and strategies.

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