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What Makes a Good Client/Designer Relationship?

By on January 27th, 2017 in Design

Undertaking a big design project can be a stressful task, but like most things in life, a little cooperation can go a long way. The client and the designer will most likely be burning through a bunch of drafts & proofs of the project along the way to find the perfect design. This can be a trying time, especially when you don’t see eye to eye on certain aspects of the design. Don’t dismay though! Debating about details and trusting each other can lead to a stronger project in the end.

So here are some things to think about from both sides of the coin.

Both of you are experts in your field. The client knows more about their business than anyone else, and that information they hold can be invaluable to the design project. Before the project begins, the client should try to think about their main goals for the project and how they want it to affect their business. They should also reflect on some of the details that might help the designer to create something that is unique to them. Asking themselves questions like: What makes my business special? What do we do better than the competition that we would like to highlight? Does something about the area I’m in make it unique? Do I operate mostly online or in person? Asking yourself things like these should help the client to visualize what they need.

After the client conceptualizes what they need, the project moves over to the designer. The client arms the designer with all the information that they brainstormed and it’s off to the races! So what happens when the first couple proofs come back and it’s not absolutely perfect? This is very normal, most design projects take some back and forth before coming to the final result. Remember that as a client, you hired a professional to assist you. Throughout this process they’re going to offer their input and advice as you move forward, so try to be open to it! Take advantage of the designer’s experience in the field by asking questions and being active in the project.

The best thing to remember is that everybody is on the same team. Both the client and the designer want this to be the best project it can be. This takes trust and respect from both parties to make it happen. So take careful consideration of each other’s opinions and work to make something great. With a bit of cooperation, the next design project you undertake will go swimmingly!