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Facebook Ads: The Real Secret To Successful Pages

By on March 27th, 2019 in Marketing

As a social media manager, it’s your task to post really great content, build followers and grow engagement. You may have the content part down, but the rest isn’t flowing in like it’s supposed to.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one experiencing the same problem.

In 2018, a study found a steep 50% drop in engagement on Facebook business pages. This is due to their update on how they determine which posts are displayed in a Facebook user’s news feed.

The “meaningful interactions” update made it so you’ll be more likely to see important posts from friends and family over posts from brands and publishers. You’ll also be more likely to see posts which may spark conversations and bring people together to talk or engage with one another.

Today, brands need to find new ways to make sure their own meaningful content becomes visible again.

This is where Facebook Advertising comes in. With ads, you can push important content in front of your target audience so they can see it prominently in their news feed.

Here are a couple of advertising options to try out.

Boosted Posts

Take your best posts and boost them for as little as $5. You’ll see more post views, likes, shares and clicks. Boost posts to your current followers to ensure they see what you’re up to. As people start engaging with your boosted posts, they’ll be more likely to engage with your regular posts. Over time, this can help build up likes and shares without relying on boosts all of the time.

Boosted vs. Not Boosted

Boost Posts To Drive Likes

You can also target people who haven’t liked your page yet. It’s a great way to connect with prospective account holders who may just be familiar with your brand or are in the market for a particular financial product. If your goal is to find new followers, this is an excellent place to start.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a bit different from boosted posts and come with additional options.

Ads can be a:

  • Static image
  • Slideshow
  • Videos

They offer a more interactive experience, feature space for more text and a call to action button. You can also select objectives which will help Facebook choose which users should see your ads. Plus there are more advanced targeting options that can help you create an advertising strategy and carry it through different stages of your customer-buying cycle.

Give It A Try

These are the basics for Facebook advertising. I highly recommend trying boosted posts at the very least. Choose your most important offers, promos, or marketing messages and give it a boost to see the difference.

Just remember, without having a content strategy that really connects with your followers, your social media marketing ads will only get you so far. You’ll still need to invest in quality writing that naturally drives up likes and engagement. Then the ads will start to help the right users find your content.

For more ideas on how ads can work for your financial institution’s page, feel free to reach out to us! Mention this blog post and we’ll start strategizing for your credit union or bank.