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Marketing: Doing More with Less in 2009

By on March 30th, 2009 in Marketing

What does that mean? We keep hearing about doing more with less. At LKCS, we believe showing a return on all marketing and advertising costs.

What LKCS thinks about 2009:

  • Superfluous spending will be eliminated.
  • Online channels will be leveraged to support account-holder acquisition/retention efforts.
  • Marketers will focus on metrics that measure and drive business.
  • Marketers need to validate ROI.
  • Analytics and database marketing will increase in importance.
  • Marketing campaign metrics will be created and tracked to measure/demonstrate effectiveness, justify marketing spend, improve allocation of resources/expenses.

We also know that many of our clients lack the technology and resources to measure data. Many also have trouble accessing, gathering and analyzing the data to report on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Without this type of measurement, marketing budgets are being cut. The result is that some clients are doing less marketing and experiencing declines in business at a time when they should be doing more marketing to grow in a struggling economy.

The tools we offer:

  • DataFlex – this database marketing system was designed to identify marketing and cross-sell opportunities, launch new marketing campaigns, AND measure the results of each campaign.
  • E-Mail Marketing – Reach out to prospects that rely on the internet for communication. Measure the effectiveness of each and every e-mail you send. Follow-up to those that show interest in your campaigns be reading your messages and clicking on links.
  • Campaign Suite – Bring direct mail and the internet together by delivering personalized landing pages to direct mail recipients. Track each and every prospect while learning more about their individual needs.
  • Transpromo and Statement Marketing – Reduce your costs by incorporating onserts and target messages directly on your statements, notices and invoices.
  • Web Site Development – Spruce up your web site. Get it up to date. Make it easy to manage. Enhance the functionality. Optimize for search engines.