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What the Credit Bureaus Won’t Tell You!

By on November 12th, 2014 in Marketing

Prescreen credit marketing has proven to be an effective tool for financial institutions nationwide.

By utilizing credit data you can easily determine which existing account holders or prospects qualify for your auto loans, mortgage and home equity products, credit cards, and installment loans. Potential borrowers appreciate these loan offers since they’re relevant to their needs AND you’ve eliminated their anxiety by letting recipients know that they meet your initial lending criteria.

Together, these factors lead to higher response rates on prescreen loan campaigns than loan promotions that don’t rely on underlying credit scores, credit history, credit activity, or relationships with other lenders.

Once you decide that it’s time to launch a credit data-based marketing campaign, it’s easy to turn to your preferred credit bureau to get started. After all, it’s their data.

Surprisingly, that may not be your best option.

Why Purchase Your Data with LKCS?

There are compelling reasons to purchase pre-screen credit data from resellers such as LKCS. A few important differences to consider include:

  • Data cost
  • Minimum commitments
  • Customer service
  • Campaign development and fulfillment
  • Results reporting
  • Data availability

Learn About LKCS’ E-Statement Marketing Solutions

Contact LKCS and learn more about what the credit bureaus won’t tell you. We can develop a layered approach to your data and direct mail marketing efforts, and show you how to better leverage the options available to you.