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4 Email Marketing Must-Haves

By on March 27th, 2015 in Marketing

In this day and age if your company is not doing email marketing then it is potentially missing out on a lot of business. Email marketing is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to send targeted messaging and advertisements to all of your clients. Email marketing allows for easier segmentation of your audience, allowing businesses to incorporate a personalized experience with every message they send.

4 Email Marketing Must-Haves

The following is a list of absolute must-haves when doing email marketing.

Responsive Email

A big part of email marketing is trying to get your audience to take the time to read your message. This is all about catering to the audience and having an email that is good-looking and easy to read on any device. Making an email responsive does just that. Responsive emails are programmed to adjust your design to look good on any device and adapt to whatever situation it is presented with. With how often everyone uses devices like smart phones and tablets, it is becoming crucial that emails be able to do this. Many people will not even take the time to read an email if it is going to present any amount of difficulty.


Tracking and Using Email Statistics

Email statistics and data you gain from email campaigns is crucial information that you need to use. Taking note of things like what time most emails were opened or the success of certain email campaigns can clue you in to what your audience is most responsive to. It can inform you about what the best practices are that you should use in your next campaign.


Personalizing Your Messages

Getting the right message to the right person is the perfect way to conduct your email marketing. Using personalization you can make sure that you are sending content that actually pertains to the audience and not flooding their inbox with anything that could be perceived as spam. If the user keeps receiving messages that are relevant to them, then chances are that they will keep reading the emails you send in the future.


Creating and Proofing Meaningful Content

As simple as this one sounds, I think it is often the most overlooked must-have. Create actual content! Don’t send out mass-produced, bland reprocessed emails over and over. Taking the time to carefully craft your emails and check over them for mistakes is crucial. Show your audience that you put energy and care into what you say before you send out a message. Presenting this kind of quality creates a returning audience.


In closing… these are some of the must-haves that you should look into when email marketing. When it comes down to it, these topics really just stress putting time into crafting your emails. If you make sure they work on all devices, target the correct audience, use good practices, and have meaningful content, then I’m sure that your emails will have much more impact!