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31 Tips & Facts on Digital Marketing

By on September 12th, 2019 in Marketing

Seth Godin Speaking at Digital Summit

Recently, our graphic designer Ryan and I were able to attend the Digital Summit conference in Chicago. This two-day event is geared towards in-house marketers, which you may have on staff, and marketing agencies, like us!

It covered a wide array of topics from advanced SEO to AI in digital marketing, to video marketing. Speakers included marketing guru and author Seth Godin, the head of MGM Resorts International’s social media team Beverly Jackson and Scott Dickers, the founder of The Onion.

Every speaker, from the keynotes listed above, to the session presenters had something valuable and informative to share. So much so, I was able to walk away with 13 pages of notes.

With that said, this post will NOT be 13 pages long! You may breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve gone through and cherry-picked 31 tips and facts I thought would be the most beneficial to you. Check it out.


  1. Google has over 200 ranking factors.
  2. Google generally doesn’t rank pages with thin content highly. Shoot for 300 – 400 words per page.
  3. Make sure your categories or tags on your blog aren’t duplicate pages showing the exact same list of blog posts.
  4. A website’s page load speed is a Google rankings factor! Make sure your page loads as quickly as possible and talk to your developer about how updating programming can make it faster. Test your website with this tool.
  5. Keywords can be divided to show where customers are in their journey – researching, comparing, ready to commit.
  6. Not all javascript or ajax code is indexable by Google. Review your code to ensure Google is able to process your site and content the way you intend it to.
  7. Online Advertising

  8. Target users on Facebook who’ve reached your website through other channels by using UTN tags.
  9. Deliver remarketing ads to users who interacted with your email marketing campaigns.
  10. Don’t put all of your trust in Google Ads automated features alone. It can skyrocket costs and lead to higher CPAs. Trust your intuition and your online ads manager to make decisions that benefit your bottom line.
  11. Content

  12. Don’t just write content. Create a plan and identify who you are writing for and what your expected outcomes will be.
  13. Plan for the “Zero Second”, the very first thing people will see on your content. It could be your blog post’s headline, the first frame of a video, a picture on Instagram? Make sure it captures attention and makes a promise to the user about what the rest of this content will be about.
  14. Don’t bait & switch your audience with misleading headlines, subject lines and attention getters.
  15. Video content can increase conversions by up to 80%, but only 43% of marketers are utilizing it.
  16. You don’t have to produce the best-looking content. Try to find a way that resonates with your audience first.
  17. We have long attention spans for things we are invested in.
  18. Validate your content with social proof. Share how many people are using your products or services or offer authentic testimonials to support your claims.
  19. Don’t think like a marketer, think like a customer!
  20. Remove from your vocabulary: “Expert” and “Disruption”.
  21. People trust people. People buy from people. Speak more like a person and less like a company.
  22. Gratitude is the secret weapon in customer marketing.
  23. Social Media

  24. Following best practices creates a floor. Your users don’t wake up for best practices. They wake up to be entertained and inspired.
  25. More than 120 professionals join LinkedIn every minute.
  26. Less than 1% of your Facebook page followers will see your content.
  27. You don’t need to be on everything! Cut out channels that are not driving ROI.
  28. Don’t sell to your followers, have conversations.
  29. Conversation is content. Don’t be afraid to jump into discussions already happening in Facebook groups, Twitter chats, etc. You go to the conversation, not the other way around.
  30. Email Marketing

  31. 2/3’s of Gen Z say it is the best form of communication.
  32. 70% of Gen Zers have a gmail account and 61% of millennials do.
  33. Email marketing still has the highest return on investment.
  34. Make sure your messages are personalized, have a clear call to action and are respectful and kind.
  35. Always have a “confirmation” button on your unsubscribe page to ensure subscribers follow through.

Conference Slide on Content

Conference Slide on Tip #18

Digital Summit Conference Slide on Social Media