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3 Tips To Take Your Email Newsletter To The Next Level

By on March 20th, 2020 in Marketing

Creating email newsletters can be a challenge. What should you include? What will get people to open your message? How do you come up with relevant content? These questions, as well as others, prevent people from creating the best message they can. We’ll discuss 3 ideas that you can implement to make your newsletter standout from the rest.

Interview Current Members

People have a fear of missing out, you can leverage this by using videos of members talking about products/services they use at your credit union. Once members see others are using products and services, that they aren’t, that fear will kick in and drive them to seek out the details. It will start that conversation with the member.

I know, you’re thinking “Great, but how do I convince people to do these videos?”.

Maybe deposit $10 in their account in return for a video. Or make it a contest; they provide a video and you enter them to win $100. The options for this are endless.

Another road block you may be concerned about is video recording gear. Today’s smartphones are some of the best cameras on the market and most know how to use them very well. Have the member stop in, go into a quiet office and record them. There are also some cheap microphones available that plug into a smartphone that can help with sound quality. Supply them with the questions before hand so they know what they will be asked.

Use A “Get To Know The Staff” Video Series

Sure, automated emails and tasks make your life easier, but people want real relationships with people that know them and people they know. Creating a quick video featuring an employee and little bits of information about them will help your members develop these relationships. Once they feel like they have a good relationship with your employees they will be more willing to discuss financial concerns that matter to them. And in turn you are able to serve them better. These videos can be created the same way as mentioned before. Provide employees a reward for doing a video, maybe you donate money to a cause they like.

Create A Financial Education Section

Financial education should be a part of your overall web presence. Why not extend that to your email messages. Creating a section in your messages that offers tips to members can benefit users that don’t visit your website as often. You could take that a step further by including an email address in that section for users to submit questions. Then you could feature those questions and answers in that area also. The section could become a blend of financial education and an advice column. This would be a great way for people to ask questions about finances that they normally would be afraid to ask.

Creating these 3 sections in an email marketing newsletter will take your newsletter to the next level. The idea is to create a newsletter that will get your membership engaged in your message. Get them to open emails more often and want more content. Video has become one of the best ways to do this.

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