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A Glimpse at the Future

By on December 22nd, 2010 in Technology

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? I stopped at our local sandwich shop to pick up lunch the other day. A tiny family-owned store, 2 employees — not the place I would expect to find a technological breakthrough. Yet, it happened.

Behind the sales counter, a toddler (the daughter of the shop owner) was sitting at an unused counter, interacting with an iPad. I wasn’t so amazed by the iPad – and I’m not going to praise the device – but I was amazed that a young girl who could not even read was so engaged with it.

I asked her mother what she was looking at. Pictures of family and friends on Facebook. Hmmm… The woman went on to explain how they recently had a family reunion with people from out of state and her daughter recognized many people she never met and ran right up to them as if she’d known them forever.

I suppose that is the true value of social networking and the mobile web. This toddler really did influence my outlook on the benefits of social media. I’ve seen young people and old people interacting together as equals. Add speech recognition technology and the toddlers of the world will be posting updates and tweets just like the rest of us….

It’s a whole new connected world out there.