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More than the Average Toaster

By on October 22nd, 2010 in Marketing

I used to think that promotional products were a waste of money. I would visit financial institutions and see supply rooms full of pens, keychains, and you name it giveaways. Tucked away in the corner was “the good stuff” — logoed apparel, gifts, fancy golf items and more.

And then it dawned on me….

These items aren’t a waste of money. They are truly a way to build a brand and keep your logo in front of both existing account holders and prospective ones. Give out those pens and keychains at every street fair and open house.

But more importantly, set yourself apart with unique logoed products tied to specific marketing initiatives. What do I mean?

One example: Let’s say that you want to build your vacation club accounts or seniors club memberships. Consider offering trackable luggage tags to every new account holder. Your logo is prominently printed on a luggage tag. The luggage tag is placed on a piece of luggage that offers a reward for its return if lost. And, the work is all done by the company that produced the tag, they even cover all of the expenses involved in returning the luggage to its rightful owner. Why wouldn’t a traveler use that luggage tag and be reminded of your institution each time they travel?

We Have Promotional Products!

LKCS has hundreds of thousands of logoed products in our database. Most of them are typical. But some are extraordinary. And they don’t have to be expensive to be extraordinary! Let us help you find the diamonds in the rough and build a logoed product campaign that is truly memorable.